How do we do it?

We have ample experience in the mobile payment industry, which positions us as one of the region’s leading providers of technology and mobile solutions. We work following the highest security standards (DOWNLOAD SECURITY POLICY), which provides robustness and quality to our projects. All of our solutions include:

1. Data encryption. 2. User Management. 3. Concealment of sensitive data. 4. Traceability of operations under a scheme of redundant hardware and software architecture that ensures business continuity.

Through our solutions, over 2,500,000 transactions are processed monthly, serving over 600,000 registered users. Also, our solutions have been fully developed by our team of engineers with the support of expert consultants from the mobile payments industry. Some of the development tools include Java, Java, Jboss, Eclipse, J2ME, J2EE, Linux, Nagios, VMware, Xen and Rich Faces, as well as compliance with ISO8583 standards.



We provide opportunity analysis, targeting strategy and enhanced capabilities for mobile devices, which companies need to make their efforts in the mobile channel effective.

A wide range of business opportunities is synthesized through the smartphone to a group of opportunities for the creation of value.

The strategy may include market segmentation, brand positioning, process definition, technology infrastructure and a business model suitable for the demands of the new channel.


Our experienced strategists are skilled in developing brands that communicate effectively through mobile devices.

Our designers specialize in creating user interfaces that capture and reinforce key messages to the customer.

The strategic programs may include brand names, logos, naming systems, design guidelines and metrics to determine the brand equity.


The overwhelming amount of technological options makes planning and buying key decisions.

Our professional technicians study and closely follow market developments, making them capable of promptly singling out the applications that best complement the business strategy.

Our team designs the technical architecture, facilitates its deployment and develops unique and scalable customized applications.