The Platform

We currently operate the only mobile payments platform with interconnection to various banks and financial institutions, including: BAC Credomatic in Central America, Banco Santander, Banco Itau, Scotia Bank in Uruguay, Agaseke in Rwanda and Movistar Mobile Operators, Ancel, Claro and Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE). This platform allows the use of the smartphone in simple and secure way to perform financial transactions, including: enquiries, payments, transfers and collections.

This platform consists of independent modules that perform different functions, which can be combined to provide different products according to customer needs, thus allowing the development of an effective and profitable model, while ensuring the rapid scalability of the solution. That has been subjected to periodic penetration testing, vulnerability scans, development process and procedures audits and testing of applications.

Modularity allows supporting different payment mechanisms (credit cards, bank accounts, virtual wallets) access channels (SMS, USSD, Web, Wap, APIs) and networks, offering a product targeted to the needs of our customers and their market. Through our solutions, over 2,500,000 transactions are processed monthly, serving over 600,000 registered users.